Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Electric Swats

While at the kitchen store the other day, I saw something that I had not seen in awhile. There are these little devices that look like a tennis racket, but with metal wires. In the handle is a battery which leaves all of the wires charged. This is marketed as an electric fly swatter, but I have seen them used as a spanking implement that delivers a shock with each swat. I personally see it as a way to shock your nipples. It seems a very quick and effecient way to introduce some negative reinforcement if I find you not to be serving my needs properly. Hmmmm.....


Dirty Little Cocksucker


Clearly, the blowjob the other night was amazing; I think it ranks in the top 5 of all time. There were several things that really made it work for me. The first was the fact that it was an assignment. Knowing that you are sucking my cock, because I told you to, is almost too much of a turn on. Seeing you on your knees, beautiful breasts bared, with your mouth open just waiting to service me, got me instantly aroused without any stimulation. There is never a time that I feel more manly than when I can use my cock to decide when it is you will be able to take your next breath. Knowing how wet your pussy was getting and also knowing that you would have to carry that feeling because you would not be allowed to cum, does so very much for me. It was also, in a way, makeup sex of sorts. We will fight and argue on a daily basis if that is how we find resolution.

There are many other blowjobs that are high on the list. When we had the cabin in Estes Park, it was a great blowjob day for me. You served well that day and must have been forced to your knees at least 5 times before the sun ever went down. I will never forget the 30 minute blowjob that you chose to give as a punishment choice a couple of years ago. Obviously, most of them at the top of the list are Amsterdam based. While there are some enhancements in place during these trips, I do not think the chemistry we are able to find could be possible without the absolute passion and love we have for each other. It is a place I visit mentally on a very regular basis.

While not isolated to Amsterdam alone, there are some factors that make these some of the best blowjobs ever. It drives me completely wild when I can tell that you cannot get enough of my cock. The times that you seem to gain as much pleasure in sucking, as I do receiving it are amazing. There have been Amsterdam trips when my cock was in your mouth for close to an hour. My state of mind allows me to take myself to the very edge and then stay there for as long as I want. I also love it when I can tell the pleasure you are gaining is from seeing the pleasure on my face. You have a different look in your eyes during those times and it is clear you want to see how I react to the amazing things you can do with your mouth. I love when your hand wanders to your clit and you bring us both pleasure at the same time. I love fact that anything I can imagine or fantasize about in my wildest dreams, I can do without hesitation. I love that when I force my cock down your throat and you begin to choke, I do not have to pull it out, I can simply force it farther.

While part of a much deeper connection, the simple truth is, you are one of the most amazing cocksuckers in history. I have never experienced, seen, or even heard of someone with the same skills as you. When the moment is just right, your mouth becomes an instrument of pleasure. You allow me to do things to your mouth that most women would not allow to be done to their pussy. I love to fuck your throat, I love to gag you hard, I love to make you question if I will allow you another breath. I love when I pull my cock out of your throat and I see that overwhelmed look of your limits being pushed.

While fantastic, there is always room for improvement. I will find creative ways in the future to hone your skills even further. We will begin to lengthen the time you spend worshipping my cock. I will force my cock down your throat while you are completely immobilized and we will push how long you have to go without a breath. With you tied, you will not be able to struggle away; you will not breathe until I choose to remove my cock. We will begin extended blow job sessions in which I will introduce negative reinforcement if I do not think you are giving 110%. We will see the 1 hour blow job fantasy realized. You will learn to suck my cock on command in public places and while I drive. You will learn to recognize when the moment is right and you will put on your collar, kneel before me, and open your mouth, all without being asked or told. In Amsterdam we will have a day in which you suck my cock every 2 hours for the entire day. There will be times in which my cock will go in your mouth and as I move around, you will have to crawl to keep it in. We will find positions for me to fuck your mouth that we have never even thought of. You will learn to completely swallow a cock much larger than mine. There will be a day that I will see one of the cocks we have, forced all the way down. We will further push your limits through the cock gag and inflatable ball gags that we have. You will find me cumming, with my cock deep in your throat and you choking on my cock and my sperm, a much more frequent event. You will occasionally find yourself having your face sprayed with my cum. You will find your face slapped while my cock is deep in your throat, as I look into your eyes. You will often find your tongue in my ass as I smother your face and make every breath a difficult one.

You have sucked my cock well to date, but we are just getting started. I think we have only gently touched your oral limits, you have much work to do so I suggest you approach this with enthusiasm and vigor.


Domestic Discipline

In my searching on the web, I came across a Japanese site that is the personal site of a young Japanese woman who serves in a household that utilizes real domestic discipline. The site is not for profit and is tucked away in a distant corner of the web. The concept is simple, when she is bad, she is punished. The spankings are not done for her pleasure, they are to teach her a lesson. While the videos are small, dark, and low resolution, they are some of the best I have seen in a long time. The reason is the realism. These are not staged scenes, these are real punishments for real infractions..mmmmmm.

I have created a "domestic" folder in the shared documents->shared videos folder, so you can see what happens to a disobedient wife in a household that uses real domestic discipline.


A push in the right direction

My Love,

As we have discussed, and you have recently shown, not all blog entries need to be novels. Just a quick little post here and there keeps it flowing and still helps you to express your dirty little desires. Do not feel you need to write about all, or even any, of these, they are simply a reference for you when you need your thoughts stimulated before writing.

Blog topic suggestions:

"Painful Anal"- My thoughts on having my ass fucked before I am warmed up at all. Large objects in my ass as a punishment. The use and abuse of buttplugs.

"Nipple Pain"- What I like about rough nipple play. New nipple torture ideas that I would like to try. Pushing my nipple limits. Nipple torture toys.

"Bondage"- What we have done that I liked the most. Bondage situations that I fantasize about. Bondage and sex. Bondage and forced oral. Mummification. Prolonged bondage as a punishment. Painful bondage. Bondage furniture.

"Spanking"- What I fantasize about. Things I would like to be punished for. Sex and spanking. Spanking as a motivator during forced oral. Favorite implements. Spanked to tears.

"Rape"- My desires. The stuff I have never talked about. Rape fantasies. Kidnapped.

"School Paddling"- My hardest paddling in the school environment. My longest paddling. Paddling I witnessed that I can recall clearly.

"In public"- Things that excite me the most about the public aspects of sexuality. Public sex. Forced into uncomfortable situations. Wearing a buttplug in public. Blowjobs and driving. Flashing. Outfits that show off my body.

"Being slapped"- My thoughts on having my face slapped.

"Orgasm Control"- When I like it. When I hate it. Should I be made to earn all of my orgasms?

"Masturbation"- How often. What I think about. Doing it on command. Doing it in public.

"Girls"- How often I think about sex with other woman. What I want to do with them. What I see them doing with us.

"Punished"- Things that I think would be fun and effective punishments in our relationship. Times that I think I should be punished. How do I let you know that I need to be punished? Punishment fantasies.